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Giallo Fever!

Recently I was contacted Paracinema‘s New York correspondent, LabSplice; the magazine was going to be publishing on the Giallo Fever! festival in NYC and I was contacted because of my book La Dolce Morte: Vernacular Cinema and the Italian Giallo Film. I always like being asked about my work. Less an ego-thing than it is a recognition that someone somewhere is actually reading what I wrote. Ok, so maybe it is an ego thing…

Anyway, LabSplice emailed me a  list of follow up questions which occurred to them whilst reading the book and which I dutifully answered (hopefully intelligently). And today, that interview was posted on the Paracinema webpage.  Read it here:

As an added bonus, LabSplice also found a clip of my introduction to the film Amer that I did at the 2010 Abertoir horror festival on YouTube. Cheers mate! What was I thinking with my hair?!

Amer (film)


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2 thoughts on “Giallo Fever!

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  2. Thanks again for answering a few questions!

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